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How to Wear Wedges and Platform shoes Safely

Towering wedges and platform shoes combine all the things many women love in footwear—a little bit of height, straps, and lots of style options. Be careful up there, though, because platforms and wedges can be unsteady, causing instability and problems with balance. Also, excessive height can lead to ankle rolls and falls. Try lower platforms and wedges with secure ankle straps, cork material bottoms for shock absorption, and traction for slippery

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Summer FootNotes – Foot Care Newsletter

Foot care tips from the informational newsletter for patients of APMA Member Podiatrists like Dr. Gannon. Read the PDF online to learn tips like preventing sunburn on your feet, and no matter how upscale your hotel, athlete’s foot can lurk in all public pool areas. APMA_Footprints_Summer Newsletter 2014 Like this:Like Loading…

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Fall FootNotes – Foot Care Tips

Foot Care Tips and Information in Fall 2013 Issue from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons: Don’t Start off the School Year with Painful Feet Big Relief is in Sight for a Painful Big Toe Keep Your Feet Safe and Your Yard Clean If you are suffering from foot pain make an appointment with our office or call us for more information. Read online…   Like this:Like Loading…

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How to Use Crutches Properly

When using crutches, keep an inch space above the armpit pads, make sure the wrist guards are right at the wrist height, and hold a single crutch on the opposite side of the affected limb. Use crutches appropriately to get the best healing results. Like this:Like Loading…

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Summer FootNotes – Patient Education Newsletter from the American College of Foot and Ankle Surgeons (ACFAS)

Stories in Summer 2013 Issue: Fix Your Feet to Improve Your Golf Swing Exercise Alternatives for People with Foot Pain Is This a Corn or a Callus? Read online…   Like this:Like Loading…

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The Spring/Summer edition of APMA’s member-to-patient newsletter, Footprints, is now available online

See Footprints Spring/Summer 2013 newsletter with articles: Running Shoes: Basic Guidelines, Arthritis and Pain Management, and Shin Splints. Did you know that people who are supinators (high arch) should choose a cushioned running shoe with a softer midsole and more flexibility. These features will compensate for the poor shock absorption of a high-arched foot. Click to read the issue … Like this:Like Loading…

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